Our values are the basis of everything we do and stand for and the core of what Donau Energy stands for.

The main values of Donau Energy’s business are:

  • Relationships we are committed to building long term relationships with our clients, our candidates, our community, and among ourselves. Our success in developing these relationships is a true measure of our business having a significant impact.
  • Passion we strive to provide an extraordinary service level which requires a passion for the work one does, for the uniqueness of each individual and each company, for each situation and each day.
    Professionalism – we promote standards of excellence in our customer care (client and candidate) wishing to be a benchmark for the specific area in which we operate.
  • Persistence we are committed to building and maintaining, overcoming difficulties, and endeavoring to find innovative solutions that will persist also by creating an environment that is healthy, safe, morally sound and therefore truly enjoyable and durable.
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    Visit the website of our sister company Donau Consult if you are interested in HR and recruitment services specialized in the Automotive, Transportation and Logistics sector
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