To ensure that our service is measured in an international context and to participate in the developments in the industry with the very international nature of our key sectors, we are a member of several industry associations. Our industry associations … read more…


On 12th August 2008 Donau Consult was certified as being successful in meeting all the requirements of IS0 9001:2001, the international Standard for Quality Management. ISO 9001:2001 is the international standard for a Quality Management System (QMS). It sets out … read more…


Our values are the basis of everything we do and stand for and the core of what Donau Energy stands for. The main values of Donau Energy’s business are: Relationships we are committed to building long term relationships with our … read more…

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    Visit the website of our sister company Donau Consult if you are interested in HR and recruitment services specialized in the Automotive, Transportation and Logistics sector
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