Our company is dedicated to help companies find the best specialized technical personnel to fill in their vacant positions in the oil & gas and energy industries.

We understand the qualities and attributes that are important in a candidate. Donau Consult Energy only recommends talented, professional people with a proven track record and with enthusiasm and drive to perform. Our recruitment specialists are experts in their respective fields, and bring discipline specific knowledge to the entire process.

Our approach involves sourcing candidates from a wide variety of organizations and locations worldwide. Our relationship with these individuals is the proof of our success and ultimately of our clients.

We are also aware of local legislation and cultural factors that may impact decisions and we always strive for a successful outcome for both parties.

Relationships with our clients are very important to us and we develop these on the basis of open and honest communication and a partnership that ensures a positive outcome for all concerned.

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    Visit the website of our sister company Donau Consult if you are interested in HR and recruitment services specialized in the Automotive, Transportation and Logistics sector
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