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Managing Partner


Daniela Pata

Origins: Tulcea, Romania
Higher Education: BSc in Finance, Banking and Accounting, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest
Years of experience: 11 in recruitment
7 in oil & gas and energy industry
20 in financial management
Responsibilities: Client Relationships, Business Development, Business Management, Candidate Recruiting

Daniela Pata is the founder and managing partner of Donau Consult Energy. She is a Romanian Certified Fiscal Consultant with a background in Financial Consultancy, with previously held positions such as CFO and Deputy CEO in numerous multinational and national companies.

In 2003 she became managing partner of Donau Consult Energy, focusing mainly on recruitment and executive search in the oil & gas and energy sector.

Senior Recruitment Consultants

Camelia Radu Luiza Condrat

Camelia Radu

Luiza Condrat

Recruitment Consultants

Serban Ciofliceanu

Alexandru Serban


Eduard Profireanu

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