Recruitment Process

The Donau Consult Energy Team is fully prepared and trained to understand clients’, both companies and candidates, needs and requirements and it follows a clear structured recruitment process in order to fulfil these. It is a cost and time efficient 9 steps process that benefits companies in finding the right candidate as well as benefits the applicants in terms of information and feedback received.

Step 1: Identify vacancies and evaluate needs

Our consultants closely work with hiring managers and human resource personnel to better understand the needs and requirements of the offered positions, to discuss proposed roles and decide upon search and selection criteria for the applicants.

Step 2: Candidates Sourcing Process

Donau Consult Energy uses various research methods to provide the best results: internal data base, job advertising platforms, specialized websites, etc.

Step 3: Pre-Screening

Donau Consult Energy Recruitment Consultants are experienced in pre-screening and interviewing candidates in order to find the best possible match for a vacancy and to find the most suitable job for an applicant. During this process, consultants check for appropriate technical capability, geographical accessibility and eligibility.

Step 4: Pre-Interviews

Candidates are being interviewed via telephone or video by our specialized consultants. This step helps our staff to fully understand applicants’ career and education background, motives and skillset.

Step 5: Face to Face Interviews

Selected candidates are requested to participate in a face to face interview with recruitment consultants that will carefully make sure of the applicants’ suitability and eligibility as well as provide more detailed information on the potential role and present the Job Description.

Step 6: Review Applicants and Develop Shortlist

Candidates’ assessments and interview feedback are being reviewed and the most suitable are being selected to be sent to the company. Their CVs are then edited in Donau Consult Energy format which points out the characteristics of the candidates and it is also our personal trademark.

Step 7: Deliver Shortlist to Client

A shortlist of the qualified candidates is presented to the company and interviews with the selected ones are organized at a preferred time for both parts. Applicants then receive all the information needed to attend the meetings.

Step 8: Feedback and offer

Feedback is being provided to both parties, and according to the company’s feedback and decision on the suitability of a candidate for a specific role, guidance is provided in order to support the candidate in accepting the offer of employment. Consultants keep in touch with the selected candidates until starting date to make sure there are no impediments in accepting the terms and conditions of the offer. All candidates, selected and not selected are being informed on the outcome of their interviews.

Step 9: Follow up

We keep in touch with the candidates until they join the company. Afterwards we keep an ongoing dialogue with both candidates and companies to ensure a smooth integration into the organization and accomplishment of targets and performance goals.

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